Company Profile

Intan Traffic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1995, and is a privately-owned Malaysian company based in Sabah. We have been operating in the road safety industry for 15 years and have a particular specialty in the fabrication and installation of retro-reflective traffic signage, as well as the application of thermoplastic road marking.

Over the years, we work closely with local, state and federal authorities to improve the road safety aspects of our vast road network, and we add value by promoting innovative and cost-effective solutions to enhance the quality and night-time driving conditions of our roadways.

At Intan, we are constantly striving to make roads safer for the public and are committed to playing an active role in promoting road safety.

Vision & Mission

To help make Malaysian roads the safest in the world through quality products and exceptional workmanship.

To raise the safety standards on Malaysian roads by implementing effective road safety solutions and improve driving conditions by promoting new technologies and best practices in the industry.

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